“A lot of other chemical reps I have never laid eyes on and that is not the way with RiceCo. They take the time to know me and know what I need. To me that is worth a lot.”
Brian Alumbaugh
Rice Grower

“The technical and sales support and results that I have with RiceCo, I could not think of a better relationship.”
Dustin Engler,
Field Consultant, Helena Chemical Company

“We’ve been associated with RiceCo since they’ve been around. We’re more than satisfied with the relationship.”
Brian Alumbaugh
Rice Grower

“I can wholeheartedly recommend RiceBeaux because it goes after the weeds that we are having in our fields to date.”
Mitchell LegerM
Field Representative, G&H Seed Company

“I have gotten extremely good results with RiceBeaux this year and I figure it’s a great bet for the future.”
Lance Honeycutt
Field Consultant, Craighead Farmers Cooperative