Technical Sales Support

RiceCo is committed to providing superior product support and stewardship, and has a team of knowledgeable agronomist working in the field to carry out this mission. Our agronomists work closely with rice growers and the professionals who advise them. They explain the technology, value of the products and proper use of them in the field. Our agronomists are located in all areas of the U.S. where rice is grown and are readily available if any problems should arise.

Brad Veazey

Brad Veazey, Agronomist
Central Arkansas
Austin, AR

Brad joined RiceCo in January of 2005. He has been around farming all of his life, and completed a summer internship in the agricultural crop protection industry. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Ag Business from Arkansas State University.

Ross Wood

Ross Wood, Agronomist
Central Arkansas / North Arkansas
England, AR

Ross joined the RiceCo® team in 2005. His knowledge of aviation has allowed him to work closely with aerial applicators in promoting RiceCo®’s low drift formulations. He also spent six years as a crop consultant on rice, soybeans and wheat through farmer-owned cooperatives. Ross holds a BS in Agriculture with an emphasis in Weed Science from the University of Arkansas.

Scott Wilbanks

Scott Wilbanks, Agronomist
SE Missouri / NE Arkansas / Mississippi
Lakeland, TN

Scott has been with RiceCo since February of 2011. He has over 21 years of experience in the herbicide business in the mid-south. He began his career in 1986 with Chevron Chemical, and has worked with Valent, Aventis, and Bayer. Scott has a B.S. degree from Mississippi State in Agriculture with a specialization in Ag Business.

Jordan Tomlinson

Jordan Tomlinson, Agronomist
NE Arkansas

Jordan joined RiceCo in December of 2011. He spent four summers interning with agronomists for RiceCo prior to his full-time employment. He has also worked several summers with Tomlinson Crop Services. Jordan is expected to receive his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from Arkansas State University in May of 2012.

Scott Hansel

Scott Hansel, Agronomist

Scott joined RiceCo in November of 2011. He has over fifteen years of sales experience in the crop protection industry in California. Prior to RiceCo, he held several positions at Bayer CropScience and Rohne-Poulenc. Scott received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Education from the University of California, Davis.

Scott Wilbanks

Weldon Nanson, Agronomist
South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast of Texas

Weldon Nanson joined RiceCo in January of 2013. Prior to joining RiceCo he worked with Bayer CropScience in Hybrid Rice Seed Production. His background is in rice production and weed science and he hold B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agronomy with an emphasis in weed science from Texas A&M University. He lives in Clear Lake, Texas and covers South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Catalina Henao

Catalina Henao
Customer Service & Market Analyst


Catalina has been with RiceCo® since 2001. Prior to working with RiceCo®, she worked 5 years with Tecnoquímicas s.a in Colombia as a leader of planning and purchasing in the pharmaceutical division. Catalina holds a Bachelors of Science in Business from Universidad Icesi in Colombia.